Installation Services

 Experienced professionals putting, install and transfer each piece in place with great deal of care.

 The last phase of a project is the most critical. Before products arrive at the site, we contract with the most reliable companies to provide experienced installers who handle every piece as if it were their own. The installation teams are known not only for their attention to detail, but also for their professionalism. They are always careful to cause minimal disruption to hotel operations and guests. Should storage of inventory be necessary before it arrives onsite, we have our own warehouse space available, and we are happy to offer warehousing services.

 The installation professionals who work with us are familiar with our various partners and specifications, as well as experienced with following our elevation drawings and layout for placement of products.

 We schedule the best installation timing. And make sure our product been installed and hand over back to hotel on time. We will work out a list with the installation teams to ensure that everything is correct by deadline. Each detail is checked during a final walk-through inspection by clients.