Interior Marketing Associate (Singapore) and  Interior Marketing Sendirian Berhad(Malaysia) and IM Interior Decoration LLC.(Dubai)  have extended their business partnership links globally, with established International Hotel Operators. Together they serve a niche market, the soft-furnishing needs of Exclusive International Hotels, High-End Residential and select Top-End Commercial Projects regionally and globally. While our core business involves the supply soft furnishing, we also provide value added services such as global sourcing and design integration, to meet the increasing demands and unique needs of our customers. We work closely with several world-renowned International Hotel Operators. Their chain of Five-Star Hotels and Resorts stretch from the scenic sunny beach resorts in East and West Malaysia and Singapore up to Fiji Island in the Pacific and many parts of East Asia



In 1984 Madam Wong Kin Hong an enterprising Singaporean established Interior Marketing Associate (IMA) as a Business, in Singapore, to facilitate the growing needs of the Hotel Industry. Clean and green Singapore, as it was labeled, was quickly transforming into a favorite destination for both visiting tourist and businesses establishing themselves in Asia. Hotels were extending their wings, refurbishing and upgrading constantly, competing to provide exclusive hospitality to attract tourist and established corporate cliental. The Hotel fever soon spread beyond Singapore. Peninsula and East Malaysia quickly began to experience a rapid demand for exclusive international resort facilities.

As island and beach resorts sprung up in Malaysia, Madam Wong took a step further; she established a company in Malaysia, with Malaysian partners, incorporating Interior Marketing Sendrian Berhad (IMSB), a private limited company. IMSB was designated to serve the Malaysian market. Developers of Malaysian resorts, in search for soft furnishings to furbish newly constructed resorts, were efficiently supported by IMSB.

In 2004, our new office in Dubai was established under the name of IM Interior Decoration LLC. The company carry on not only the unusual business of supply of soft furnishing for hotel.



Envisioning the potential growth of Tourist Industry Asia as early as 1984, Studies were conducted to evaluate the various needs of the Tourist Industry. Hospitality was chosen as our best advantage. Foreseeing the immense potential of Hotels, Resorts and Service Apartments, we positioned ourselves and stayed focused in this niche market.



To Support and Assist our clients through a structured review of analysis, planning, identifying and capping the capital expenditure. Systematic Procurement (FF&E, OS&E Construction Materials and Components), excellent in-house procurement teams, master-planning of the hotel projects, and training in-house team of installer, trouble-shooting, overall project integration.